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This guy ripped a bunch of sprites from Brave Souls and then edited them into Scrapped Princess characters.

Shannon and Raquel

Speaking of, wasn't there a tabletop RPG for Scrapped Princess? Wonder whether it'd be worth it to track down a copy of the handbook.
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These Japanese fan arts are no longer easily accessible from Sakaki-sensei's official site, but they're still up on the server, so . . .

Here. Have a metric ton of links. )

Okay. Tired. I'll put up the other half sometime later. Probably not too much later, though--some pics already seem to have gone missing.
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AUs are fine. Crossovers are fine. Basically anything is fine. I'd just like to see some more activity around here.

Prompt Guidelines
- Format subject lines as follows: [Prompt] Characters/Ships. Prompts go in the body of the comment.
- Prompts can be as specific or as vague as you like. Prompt-free is fine as well.
- Character lists are assumed non-exclusive unless you indicate otherwise. If you want fills to include only the characters you list, put this at the end of your list: (\)
- You may provide as many prompts as you like, so long as you post only one prompt per comment.
- You may not specify whether fills will be fic or art. The idea is to make it easy for anyone to participate.
- Posting a prompt under your username (whether Dreamwidth or Open ID) does not obligate you to post any fills.

Fill Guidelines
- Format subject lines as follows: [Fill] Title, Rating, Warnings. Note, however, that everything after [Fill] is optional. For this reason, do not assume that something is safe to read simply because it has no warnings.
- Fills have neither quantity nor quality requirements. You can post 50 words or an uncolored sketch, links to a multi-part fic or 20 pages of full-color manga, and anything in between.
- Prompts may receive multiple fills, even from the same person.
- You may fill your own prompts.
- SFW, oekaki-sized pics (300x300 or there around) may be posted directly in the body of the comment. The same goes for fic that is within the comment character limit. Provide links for anything else.
- You do not have to have posted a prompt to post a fill.
- Since this was inspired by [community profile] three_weeks_for_dw, I'd appreciate it if people would refrain from posting their fills to other sites until after the 15th.

Both prompts and fills may be posted anonymously, and you can start submitting both right now. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Feel equally free to share this with any Scrapped Princess fans you know who are not members of this comm.
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 Hey, everyone!

I suppose I should have mentioned this back when we were open for submissions, but the Scrapped Princess fan club over on deviantArt was holding a contest with the theme of everyday activities, and I drew a submission that I thought I'd share here! 

SutePri - Every Third Time
by ~AorphiusRex

You can see the other submissions here, if you're interested. I'll post something to this comm the next time we hold a contest!
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Um, hi. I've been a Scrapped Princess fan for some time now, and I'm happy to have found a LiveJournal community for it! It seems to be a little sleepy right now, but I thought I'd share some fan art.

Introduction and Art Link under the cut out of consideration for people's flists. )
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Finally scribbled out a couple more of those requests ahaha. orz|||

Code Monkey like you~ )

This next one probably requires a bit of explanation. A while ago, [ profile] kay_willow came up with an idea for a "Scrapped Prince" AU. In this universe, Fulle is still a member of Black Hawk and infiltrates the royal palace to gather information.

So I figured . . . )
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In the scene in book 2 where he is disguised as Racquel. XD (And that is of course Michelle in the back, although I did not bother to research how she should look like.)

picture under cut )
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. . . as me trying to figure out how to draw Pacifica. )

Also, I gave Google another whirl and somehow stumbled on a page of Azumi!art that's not pr0n. (Just be careful about clicking around his site because I'm reasonably certain that everything else IS.) And I probably should have linked this a long time ago. It's a collection of fan art for sensei's various series (making me wonder if I should give the others a shot), and while not one in over 200 is of Forsyth, they DO have one that's Chris/Shannon.

. . . what the hell did I ever do to YOU?? orz
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We were watching Due South, and I said wait a minute.

Forsyth could totally be a mountie. )
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[ profile] kay_willow asked for more Scrapped Prince AU artstuff, like, five hundred years ago, and I finally got around to hacking out liddle Forsyth Casull and his mommy. )

. . . I think I just gave myself diabetes. D:
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[personal profile] evey_w, basically, this sprang from something started on [ profile] feliciter's LJ, and the result was two crack Sutepri/Tactics crossover sketches featuring Muu-chan/Chris (for the sake of sanity, don't ask why). In retrospect, it was probably a bad idea to draw these, and an even worse idea to post them up on a public community, but here they are, in all their OC-ness.

sketch 1
sketch 2

*runs away to avoid being killed*
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Tried drawing Fulle in his finery for Kay-san, and while the paper did not quite burst into flames, I sortay wish it had. So I played some more Phantom Brave (which I'm playing in addition to DDS:AT, much the same way I played Okage and Fatal Frame simultaneously) and thought, "OH HAY. What might the SutePri characters look like in Harada's style?" And then I worked out their Jobs. Because I'm a Huge Geek.

Weapons Specialist )

Summoner )

D-Knight )

Dragoon )

And I was totally going to sketch up Prinny!Pacifica, but I ran out of steam. d00d.
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...Or at least it is in this case. o_< I kid you not, the two of them practically has the same hair style, but one eyebrow gone wrong and suddenly it is Chris (which also explains why the pic is so simple, because I didn't quite finish it.)
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Thanks for the comments on the last pic. :D Since I'm cheap and fickle, I DID ended up adding Pacifica/Pamela in afterall.

Here's the final piece )
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So I thought I might as well depress myself by searching for SutePri fanart again. Specifically, SutePri fanart that, uh, WASN'T DRAWN BY ME. (Or by [ profile] calintz, for me.) If you know of any, please feel free to pimp at your leisure.

I know Teo's room has one of Pacifica. Short Circuit has one of Raquel (click the "CG" link at the top, and then ctrl+f for ラクウェル). And frozen plume's got a handful of pics in the sketchblog (click on "gallery" and ctrl+f for スクラップド・プリンセス). None of that was news to me.

This bit was news: if you try Google and give it enough chances, it will eventually spit out an info page for an RPG called "Limitless Fantasia." This is only because a couple of the characters happen to share names with SutePri characters. They are completely unrelated.

Take, just as an example, Forsyth. (Yes, I'm going to start spelling his name this way--largely because [ profile] feliciter made me realize how stupid it was to make the Bylaha/Weihrauch switch and yet deliberately ignore this one out of sheer, plodding habit. Don't expect retroactive fixes for a while, though.) In the game, he's a sixteen-year-old, trident-wielding fencer with blond hair, blue eyes, and a fair complexion. Also, his style is described as "繊細." 繊細 means subtle, delicate, fine, etc. etc., and just happens to be Chris's favorite word when thinking about either of the Leinwand twins or their mother.

There is no relation whatsoever.

. . . well, I got some amusement out of it, anyway. Granted I'm groggy and congested and on a couple different medications right now, but.
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