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Scrapped Princess | Canzonetta of the Unforgiven | The Travelers Come | Part 2/4 )

Pacifica is quite the charmer. And even though it's a relatively minor thing compared to everything else they've been through, the image of Raquel burning her things is pretty tragic.

The Purgers remind me a bit of Mistborn's Inquisitors.

Edit: Just for the hell of it, here are the results of the Scrapped Princess popularity poll. )
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When I was taking a look at ANN's coverage of the New York Anime Festival, one sentence at the end of the Day One description of Tokyopop's panel jumped out at me:

"The Scrapped Princess novels have also been on hiatus to due high translation costs, and there is no firm decision yet as to what will happen with this series."

Sadness. ):
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Maybe some who's more knowledgable about the anime scene and business can answer this question.  So earlier this spring I was able to pick up on sale Bandai's DVD last volume of Scrapped Princess, and previous to my owning the DVD I had only seened the series in dubbed format; FYI, I will watch both dubbed and subtitled versions of things it's not all one or the other for me.  Regarding Symphony of those who Protect, series's last episode, so not only did Bandai dub in English voice actors in place of original dialogue, but they dubbed in new music, and what's up with that?  AFAIK, it's music that's found in the series it's not found in the parts of the last episode where Bandai has put it.

To you anime veterans this must sound like a pretty naive question, but I've not noticed in other things.
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Looking for Leo icons for a possible role play journal.  Anything/everything would be appreciated <3
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Symphony of Those Who Protect, the last episode.  In the final scene and Pacifica is talking to Leo while pulling a box apart to bring to Shannon and Racquel, and then a character walks across the scene and says to Pacifica, 'you better get a move on'.  Is that character Zefiris?
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Hi, new member here!  Yay!

Anyway, I'm desperately looking for pictures of Forsyth.  Would anyone have any, or could they direct me toward where I can find a few? 
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How I discovered Scrapped Princess:Well, I was talking to a friend of a friend about anime when she offered to lend me Scrapped Princess. Since I was in a 'Need anime!!' phase, I immediately agreed and fell in love with it. (It hurt my eyes too, watching it non-stop while crying but oh well)

The character(s) I will defend with bike chains and broken beer bottles if I see anyone bashing him/her/them: Ah my memory's not helping with this as I haven't watched it for a while (must re-watch in holidays, yes) but I guess I'd say Pacifica. And Forcis. And Shannon. And Chris and... well, I'll just leave it at Pacifica.

How I plan to contribute:Probably by making icons to share with everyone, but I might write a fic once a year or so. *is a very lazy person*

Level of exposure:I've seen the entire anime and read the second novel- I um, bought the second novel because I thought it was the first and um, it was the cheapest. *blush*



Nov. 30th, 2007 03:21 pm
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Does anyone have any idea as to why novels 4 and 5, which were supposed to be out months ago, suddenly are not out? Is it just here in Canada, or did you guys in the States get them?

Either way, I'm really pissed.
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Hello! Was in the midst of searching for images, and I've stumbled upon this community. 8D


How I discovered Scrapped Princess: Two to three years ago, on one fine day, I was bored and decided to lurk on Winamp's Internet TV. And viola! I chanced upon this magnificent anime which got me hooked. <3 After upgrading Winamp sometime earlier this month, I decided to once again journey into its Internet TV annnnd decided to rewatch the entire series. <333

The character(s) I will defend with bike chains and broken beer bottles if I see anyone bashing him/her/them: Fafal! <3 There needs to be more Fafal~ Though I doubt she needs my protection. Of course, there's also Raquel and dear Fulle. I suppose I kinda liked Cz too. Somehow I feel like Eirotte who just met Senes for the first time xD. Speaking of which, chibi!Senes is included in this list. 8D

How I plan to contribute: Fanarts, I suppose? x3 But firstly, I think I need to get my paws on some Fafal images. I can't seem to find them...! *sobs* Help?

Level of exposure: The anime as well as 2/3 of the manga by..whatshisname (Aoi is sincerely sorry for not knowing the name of said artist). The third volume is currently standing on my shelf and waiting to be read.

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Name: Mata

How I discovered Scrapped Princess: I actually just saw it while perusing Wikipedia (of all places) and thought, 'Hey, a Princess anime. And it's fantasy. Huh, why not'.

The character(s) I will defend with bike chains and broken beer bottles if I see anyone bashing him/her/them: I liked all of them enough, but I particularly loved Senes, Raquel and Shannon, and Leo (because he reminds me of Amelia of Slayers fame). I also liked that Inquisitor guy and Kidaf.

How I plan to contribute: I've sketched some 4koma SutePri stuff, but since it feeds a guilty pleasure of mine (really, really guilty), the day I share it is the day Pacifica accepts Leo's propo...sal... wait. I've also garnered around 400 screenshots of the anime from my bittorrent pirate copies and am planning to icon them as soon as possible. I'm contemplating taking up some writing challenges to explore Senes, too. If I ever get out of my coding funk, I'll try a fanlisting for the Casulls.

Level of exposure: I've recently finished the anime and I'm not entirely sure I'll check out the novels yet. I'm already following six 'light series' novels and I have enough to read as it is. However, since the community's info on the novels have piqued my interest, I guess I'll have to eventually gobble that up too...

Read more... )

Well, nice to meet you SutePri fandom. I thought you didn't exist except in horribly typed comments on going 'OMGGGGG I WNTED CHRIS AND PACIFACAAAAA!!!!!!!!!1' Truly, that is what broke my brain.

I'm running on some ungodly reserve fuel, so please excuse any spelling/grammar errors.
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Finally got my hands on the first few translated volumes of Sutepri and skimmed through the scene of Shannon in drag. XDDD I think some proper fanart should be coming soon even though I have nothing to offer right now.

...Really, WHY does Zeffiris have to be kept in the form of a 10 years girl? It's the only thing that is keeping me from OPTing Shannon/Zephy. For example, in the scene where Zeffiris first appears and comments that Shannon would make a fine housewife:

"Shannon Casull," the girl intoned. "One of the Casull Guardians siblings. I wondered what you would be like." Although her expression didn't change, Shannon thought he saw a flicker of life in her eyes as she added, "My predictions never included the apron."

Shannon scowled.

"Don't be angry," the girl said. "It almost suits you. You're more attractive than I'd expect."

The teasing. Ded cute. _o_
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Okay, I watch the subbed version that Bandai released on DVD.

I've noticed that the spell they call "Ginnungagap" in the novels and in the subbed version is actually spoken as "Naraku".

Er, does anyone know why this is? Seems weird to me. Maybe I'm hearing it wrong?


Jun. 10th, 2007 07:25 pm
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I've been wondering alot about Berkens. Cut for spoilers )


May. 28th, 2007 09:04 pm
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Did anyone else notice the lack of Scrapped Princess categories on


Seriously, though. How does one remedy this?

EDIT: Nevermind. Problem solved, c/o [ profile] yankeerose69.
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But has anyone ever noticed that in the Japanese version, Fafal calls Chris "Kuri-bon"?

Does anyone know why this is?

It confuses me every time I hear it x.x.
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Name: Jessica

How I discovered Scrapped Princess: My friend [ profile] karisma_black got me into the series a long time ago. She even has the right hair to cosplay as Pacifica. ^_^

The character(s) I will defend with bike chains and broken beer bottles if I see anyone bashing him/her/them: Well, I <3 Pacifica, Winia, Zeferis, Racquel, Leo (is it any coincidence that he shares a ton of the same qualities as Amelia, and that Crispin Freeman who voiced Zelgadis is part of the staff?), Cin/Cz and Senes. There's no one who I really hate, except maybe the king, Pacifica's father, and the General. I honestly can't forgive them for what they tried to do.

How I plan to contribute: I wish I could draw, but I can't. I *can* write fanfiction, but I've never done it for this anime before. I can't make icons, either. ._. I probably can pen essays about my favorite pairings, although I haven't put a lot of thought into who my favorite pairings are. Uh, can it be yuri? I fell in love with PacificaxWinia, but I won't do it if it's frowned upon here.

Level of exposure I found the whole series in a complete box set when I was at Sakura Con last April, and it was at a really good price. I just finished the final episode this morning.

Spoiler questions )
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I love watching the Scrapped Princess anime and recently found out that tokyopop has released 3 "light novels" of the series. I also heard that there are 13 volumes out in Japan. So are these made by the same person? Are they similar to the anime or what are their differences? I also wanted to know where I can read the Japanese ones online...the ones that were not released here. Sorry for all the questions...I'm relativley new here...
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Okay, smack me if this isn't allowed here. Actually, just tell me nicely and I'll delete it at once. :P

I just wanted to let you all know that I am currently accepting fic requests from my favorite anime/manga fandoms, including Sutepri. Finally!! Maybe I will finally get the inspiration I need to finish that ancient little!Shannon ficlet I was working on...

So if you're interested, feel free to drop by HERE and leave a comment with your request(s). ^^

{cross-posted to various and sundry fandom comms, gomen ne! ^^;}

ETA: Oh, I knew I'd forgotten something. I have a quick, very lazy question - what was the name of the capital of Linevan? I'm so rusty, I can't remember, and I don't have the anime or the manga in front of me to look it up.
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Hi everyone!
I've just recently joined this community, i really like scrapped princess but i cant seem to find anywhere that i can upload it or download it to watch! do you know anywhere that i can?


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