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Sorry to take so long to announce this, but I'm going to take a brief break, after all. Need to catch back up on some things I fell behind on while I was sick. Also still working on my scanner. Hope I can get the illustrations scanned in time for the next translation, which I expect to have up on December 9.

Edit (2015/12/09): Fffff--looks like the hiatus will have to last a bit longer. RL needs to calm down. I want some time to work on my own projects. ੨( ・᷄ ︵・᷅ )シ
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So! Now that the first volume is (finally FINALLY FINALLY) finished, I'm wondering what you guys would prefer to see next. Specifically, would you rather I continue on to the next volume or skip ahead to volume four, since that's where TokyoPop left off?

. . . of course, if [ profile] badtzphoto or [ profile] feliciter lacks access to the TP translations, then the decision is already made, as far as I'm concerned. Haha.

I've also been thinking of maybe going back through and changing some of the paragraph structures and such. For example, moving some attributions up to the same paragraphs as the dialogue they modify (which I actually did back when I translated the Prologue, lo these many years ago).

Any thoughts? Related to structural issues in general, that is. Basically anything you think might make the prose easier to read.
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Hi all,

I'm selling a beautiful Scrapped Princess shitajiki / pencil board, together with lots of other anime goods [[ HERE ]]
Please feel free to take a look. Thank you!


Sep. 22nd, 2008 05:36 pm
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Hailing all Scrapped Princess iconmakers! =) I just created an icontest for Scrapped Princess-- it's [ profile] sutepricontest. I'd love it if lots of people joined. =)
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Hiiii~! I'm just another huge fan of Scrapped Princess, here. Another big thing I love? Is roleplaying.

And I can't help but wonder if any other fans are looking for a place to roleplay Scrapped Princess characters where they'd be appreciated.

Well...there's a roleplaying game out there that REALLY wants Scrapped Princess characters. And if one person notices this, others might too, and there might actually be a place for SP roleplayers to find a home!
So if you're into RPing, why not look in here? )

Anyway, I love Scrapped Princess, but I admit i've only seen the anime. I watched it fansubbed way back in the day, and when the full collection came out licensed in America? I had to get it. Does anyone else like the dub? I love both the subtitled version as well as the dub, and I was wondering what were people's thoughts on it.

Were there any characters who you preferred in one version, but thought the other was kind of lacking? Or did you love all the voice acting? Share!
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Well, I thought I'd throw up a post since if anyone would be interested, they might be here. I'm Karisma, and I was directed to this community thanks to a friend. I'm a huge Sutepri fan and I'm also a MU* RPer. It's a text-based roleplay system, if you haven't heard of it. Anyways...

To put it simply, there are two different ones that I play on that are multi-themed, and I place Pacifica on both. However, it's just not quite as fun without having anyone from the series interested in playing. If you are interested at ALL in some Scrapped Princess RP, I'm more than willing to teach you the ropes of this system and help you with your application if it means someone would join. All characters from the series, other that Pacifica are available on both places I play!

Interested at all? Leave a comment and I'll be in touch.
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As we've seen, I have difficulty getting myself to hack out SutePri artstuff, so I was thinking doing something like this might help. Also, I'm gathering distraction fodder for those times when I need some stupid stress-relief.

Guidelines and warnings. )

Requests so far:
[ profile] evey_w - Zeffiris and/or Shannon - Super Maid!
[ profile] poisonangel7 - Fulle - Stalking Princess Pacifica
[ profile] feliciter - Chris + Shannon - "I don't think we're in Leinwand anymore..."
[ profile] song_of_truth - Shannon - lute
[ profile] yukinoomoni - Raquel - something cute - TabGirl!Raquel
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Okay, smack me if this isn't allowed here. Actually, just tell me nicely and I'll delete it at once. :P

I just wanted to let you all know that I am currently accepting fic requests from my favorite anime/manga fandoms, including Sutepri. Finally!! Maybe I will finally get the inspiration I need to finish that ancient little!Shannon ficlet I was working on...

So if you're interested, feel free to drop by HERE and leave a comment with your request(s). ^^

{cross-posted to various and sundry fandom comms, gomen ne! ^^;}

ETA: Oh, I knew I'd forgotten something. I have a quick, very lazy question - what was the name of the capital of Linevan? I'm so rusty, I can't remember, and I don't have the anime or the manga in front of me to look it up.
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Hi! Long time no... um, post. *pokes comm* Well, you might remember me from waaaaaaaaaaay back when I started posting my Shannon icons for [ profile] iconfiend100 (for example, my current icon *points* - and yes, I'm still working on that, btw. I haven't given up or been kicked out). Anyway, I've just started up an icon challenge over at [ profile] _shinken. Basically, you just give me a picture - screencap, artbook pic, manga page, whatever - and whatever text or other special bits you want added, and I shall make you an icon.

I have a couple of rules, which you can find in the latest post at [ profile] _shinken. ^^ So if anyone's interested, please head on over and request!

And to keep this on-topic... Um, smack me if I posted this recently (I intended to, but I can't remember if I ever did and I'm too lazy to check right at this moment), but I assume everybody heard that TokyoPop has FINALLY offically announced that they will be releasing the Sutepri novels? Not til, like, November, but ah well. I don't even like TokyoPop's translations, but at least they'll be here!!

[ profile] sutepricons

Jan. 4th, 2006 11:18 am
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Just fyi, [ profile] sutepricons is finally up and running, so come and join! ^^

P.S. I'm up to 30/100 Shannon icons for [ profile] iconfiend100! *cheers* That is sooo sad. :P
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...[ profile] sutepricons, anyone?

There's nothing posted yet, but maybe the existence of a community will inspire people... :P
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