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sutepri: Scrapped Princess - Pacifica Casull beams while the sun rises in the background. Also, Shannon's shoulder. (New days 始まりの朝)

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Name:The Scrapped Princess Community
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Community description:Art, fic, icons, light novel translations, essays--we're all about the Scrapped Princess love.
So you love Scrapped Princess. Only you never draw/write/discuss it because you think you're the only one in the world, and really, who's going to care?

That seems to be the mentality of the (mostly) underground Sutepri fandom, and that's why we've created this community. Well . . . that, and O'Neill is a lazy fandom recluse by nature and would like to return to that state, please. So join up and share the Sutepri love.

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  1. No direct linking or reposting without permission. If you'd like to share something you find here, you may as well link to the original post.
  2. No off-topic posts. I'll probably delete announcements for comms that are not Sutepri-focused.
  3. Treat each other with kindness and respect.
  4. You must cut large pictures and groups of pictures. I can't edit posts to fix your mistakes, so I'll have to delete them instead.
  5. Cut any material rated R or above and label it as such. If something isn't worksafe, stamp "[NSFW]" on the subject line.
And this isn't a rule, but it's such an old series that spoilers generally go unmarked, so read at your own risk.


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Madman's Official Scrapped Princess Site
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Scrapped Princess @ Animefreak.TV (the translation's not terribly accurate, but hey)
Scrapped Princess @ Crunchyroll
Scrapped Princess @ IMDb
Scrapped Princess @ TV Tropes
Scrapped Princess @ Veoh
Scrapped Princess @ Wikipedia

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